dream weddings

dream weddings


Hi there! I’m Liz, your wedding day bff.

An extroverted introvert, as type A as they come... I live for making everyone feel like a priority and laugh at my own jokes.


I was an ICU nurse and got to spend my days helping people. It felt like a dream. Until it... wasn't. 

I absolutely loved helping some of the most critical patients heal and get back to their lives. And if you’re thinking, “that sounds like a lot of pressure…” It was, but I had a reputation for being calm, cool, and collected in even the most stressful situations. Over time, the pain of losing patients I had tried so hard to help just got to be too much. My escape came in the form of planning my own wedding. Not thinking much of it at first, people started talking about how great I was at it and after a little pushing from my now husband, I decided to dive in! I still get to problem solve on the fly, but now my days are filled with the type of joy and happiness that only exist in life’s biggest moments… like your wedding day! So rest assured. Wedding days aren’t life and death, but if they were, I could handle it!

Impossible to rattle.

And when I'm not planning weddings, I'm planning... everything else!

I’m the “mom” of the group despite not having kids… unless my dogs count (which I think they do). What this means is that you can usually catch me rounding up my husband and friends to check out local breweries, trying the newest creation on tap or grabbing craft cocktails we’re too lazy to make at home! And more often than not, ordering cheese curds to carefully rank with my husband, Greyson, for our infamous list. And on Sunday mornings, we head to church with our neighbors (coffee & glazed donut in hand). (Don’t worry, I passionately go to CrossFit at least four days a week. #balance) Regardless of the exact activity, the most important thing to me is spending time with the people I care about!

Go-getter, cares deeply, current champion in husband & wife cribbage (sorry, Greyson)

Top: Rosie & Lily. Left & Right: Me & Greyson.


I’m an ICU nurse turned wedding planner who thrives under pressure and is always thinking about two things: 1) how to serve my clients well & 2) where to find my next cheese curd.




I firmly believe jeans are for dressing up.


Pineapple does go on pizza. 


I really do wake up at 5am to go to Crossfit.


It's a crime to have a fire without S'mores. 

Liz at a glance... what do we have in common?


Favorite indulgence

Custard (specifically Kopps)

Always reading

Cheesy Romance Novels

Favorite Movie

Fifty First Dates

favorite weekend activity

Going Up North to Door County

favorite place i've been

Portland, Oregon.. yes to Pinot Noir and hiking!

drink of choice

Honey Lavender Latte

can't live without

Green Bay Packers

usually craving

Bar food... give me a greasy burger!


Milkshake IPAs from Eagle Park

favorite show to binge

New Girl. Nick Miller forever.

My Right Hand (Wo)man & Trusted Lead Planner

Meet CJ

You know that hushed excitement right before the bride walks down the aisle? That's her favorite part of a wedding day, but watching the couple have a blast on the dance floor with everyone they love is a close second.

When she's not keeping bridal parties on track, she can be found taking barre classes, eating crab rangoon, or snuggling with her chihuahua, Rocky, binging all things Kardashian... 

let's do this!

Ready to chat?

Want to soak up every moment of your wedding day instead of stressing over little details? I'd love to chat & get to know you! You can tell me all about how you met, the vision for your big day, and where your favorite WI custard spot is! And I can share more about how I help you create a dream wedding that is uniquely yours.



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